Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering and payment

  1. Is it safe to order psilocybin mushrooms online?We take every precaution possible to safeguard your data. All data is stored only for the purpose of fulfilling your order. All data transferred is encrypted using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) standard. We do not store credit card information. All Credit Card transactions are processed by a third parties (which will show as the merchant of record on your credit card statement, not calishroomshop.org.) All of our packaging is professional, vacuum sealed, and discreet.
  2. How do I make an order?Simply browse our products and add items to your cart. At checkout you can choose to pay with Credit Card or E-transfer
  3. Do you have a minimum order?There is no minimum order amount!
  4. How do I cancel or change my order?Please email our customer support team at service@calishroomshop.org

Shipping and Delivery

  1. What shipping methods are available?We ship worldwide. We can have your order delivered same-day with a local courier service. (Provided your order is in by our cut-off time.)
  2. Where do you ship to?We ship internationally.
  3. When will my order be shipped?Immediately after you place your order
  4. How do I track my package?Packages can be tracked using the provided tracking number.

Usage Information

  1. How do I take psilocybin mushrooms and how much should I take?Psilocybin mushrooms can be eaten on their own, brewed in tea, or cooked/masked with other food. See here for dosing information.
  2. Can I mix psilocybin with other drugs/alcohol?We do not condone the use of harmful substances with or without psilocybin.We can’t tell you what to do, but please exercise extreme caution when using other substances (particularly cannabis, amphetamines, and cocaine.)

    If you take prescription medication it is best to consult with your physician to ensure you don’t experience negative drug interactions. Do not mix magic mushrooms with Tramadol. This can lead to serotonin production issues.

  3. Can you detect psilocybin using a drug test?Yes. Extended drug screens can detect psilocybin and related metabolites. If you are in an occupation that requires regular drug screening we urge you to stay within the thresholds of what is considered allowable.
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